Rochelle M Carr

My work began with mixed media creations: fiber dolls, mosaic tiled work, metal sculpture, and vintage jewelry.  As my art turned to painting, I evolved to the “Abstract Expressionism” mixed media forms you see today: sculpture on wood, metal or canvas to form works with layers and layers of paint, paper, found objects, Italian maps, love notes from my children, and paint. I choose to paint like I live.....experimenting, adventuring and playing as I go. 

This year, I began a new "Healing Heart" series using the plaster tape you would use to wrap a broken arm. I sculpt it, hold it in place, mold it with my hands till it dries (or until I love the design), then I paint layers and layers with brushes or palette knives, add some sort of sparkle (or not), and finish with varnish or resin. I need to feel happy with the fullness of the work. My thought behind this series - is that we all have small or large broken pieces of ourselves that need healing. How could I wrap all our souls in my "Healing Hearts," literally and figuratively, in a beautiful artistic endeavor? My wish is that when folks stand in front of my hearts.....they feel wrapped up in all the love, hope, kindness, healing and connectedness that is painted and sculpted into the works. My dream: "I will heal the world one painted heart at a time."

My abstract landscapes are also a great passion of mine. These paintings are the Yin/Yang to my hearts, and they transport me to nature, to the trees, to the ocean during my childhood, to hiking adventures, and to the far away places where I photograph the moments I treasure.  These paintings remind me to search for quiet places that balance this amazing San Francisco city life. 

Growing up in a large Italian family in Portland, Oregon, my art and written words are influenced by the passion and expression of my heritage. I thrive on culture, amazing food, and travel, having spent time exploring more than 20 countries from Europe, the Caribbean and Central America to all parts of the US. My gypsy heart sings the loudest in the Italian, French, and Spanish sunshine. I integrate in my designs the experiences drawn from living in the Eastern, Mid-Western, and Western United States, Hawaii, and the Bahamas. I currently live and create in Northern California. 

I always revert to painting hearts. My five and a half year old niece, Alexandra Ellis, died of cancer twenty years ago. I used to sit in the hospital painting hearts and rainbows during her chemo treatment. Thinking of Alex fills me with joy, and keeps me grounded in my work. In my studio, you will find a small picture of Alexandra on the beach reaching up with her happy hands towards the sky. There on my windowsill, she watches me paint - I just know it. 

My life is inspired by two themes, and you can find both in my art and poetry. A heart theme in my work expresses the soul-felt theme that guides me: “Follow your heart.” Iridescent accents and deep contrasting colors carry my personal motto “Live out loud.” 

Commissions are welcomed. Fine art is carefully packed, and shipped worldwide. I will customize artwork to specific design and color palettes.  

“Adventure lies not in the places we seek, but in the moments we create in the places we treasure.” –RMC